Boxing & MMA

In the Boxing Gym we hold a variety of martial arts training styles such a Mixed Martial Arts, Shaolin Kung Fu and Muay Thai to name just a few.

All levels are welcome to try our basic preparation and foundation sessions before advancing into the combative element of the sport. We have a boxing ring where sparring takes place providing the young people are equipped with suitable sparring gear and have knowledge of the fundamentals of combat sport i.e. attack and defence.


What rules are in place?

  • Suitable clothing must be worn i.e. T-shirt and shorts or loose fit track suit to enable freedom of movement.
  • For sparring young people must bring their own gum shield and hand wraps.
  • If possible the young people can bring their own head guard with nose bar, Boxing gloves, groin guard and Shin guard (for kickboxing) but if not, they can be provided
  • All forms of sparring and grappling must be conducted with a coach present.

Who can access the boxing gym?

The boxing gym can be accessed by all members, and is throughout the week.

Everyone will be taught basic disciplines and techniques which must be conducted with a coach present – anyone not following this rule will be asked to sit out of the session.

There is a room capacity in place, and you can access on a first come, first serve basis.

Entry to the boxing gym is covered in your £5 annual membership to Legacy Youth Zone – can you go to any other boxing facility and pay 50p everytime you go?


I like learning the different styles of MMA, and it was really calm to have the UFC fighter Leon Edwards come down and spar with him. We also got to go to the O2 and watch a weigh-in and invited to meet the CEO of UFC - it was great!

Mo, Senior Member


UFC Programme at Legacy

We're excited to be partnered with UFC and have designed a programme working with our local community police to encourage young people with the ambition to develop their mixed martial arts techniques and also have an open mind to gain more skills.

This program is for young people aged 13+(there is no booking fee, just sign up as a Legacy member).

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