How your support affects us

As an independent charity, your support goes a long way.

We are:  a value-led and inclusive independent charity and are proud to be part of the growing onside network.

We are a dedicated team of youth workers, volunteers, and managers, who aspire to be a part of and commit to continual growth within the borough of Croydon.

We aim to ensure health and well-being are prioritised within our universal offerings, supporting targeted areas youths often find a challenge. Which are made up of or core offerings and each delivered in-house.

We aim to give a young person the educational support and employability skills they need while transitioning through school, college or university.

Excellent stewardship

Legacy Youth Zone is committed to excellent stewardship and is registered with the Fundraising Regulator. We conduct regular reviews in our  youth space and will regularly share updates.

      • We will regularly communicate and share relevant news and content
      • We will actively search for ways to team activities to your industry skills capabilities
      • We will champion unique and meangingful experiences, always enthusiastic to support your marketing and reporting needs
      • We will support you with all planning and management of involvement and partnerships
      • We will prioritise our commitment to all supporters, members and Patrons, with an aim to optimise sustainable growth and impact    for your CSR activities
      • You can expect transparency and accountability no matter the changing circumstances

Sponsor a room

Make a difference and sponsor a room. Help young people better understanding the opportunities available through targeted education and employability activities and positive progression.

Corporate Volunteering

Here at Legacy, we welcome all kinds of Corporate Partnerships, including Corporate Volunteering! You could help by:

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