We did it! Tough Mudder 2022 at Morden Park.

The team absolutely smashed it, especially as it was one of the hottest days of the year! We asked the Legacy squad, would you rather do 5k Mudder or 10k Mudder… and as a team, they choose to do the 10k.

With over 15 obstacles to overcome with a 10k endurance test between each one, it defiantly looked TOUGH!

We tried to stick as a group but eventually the team split up and continued at their own pace. As said in the beginning ” this is not a competition… it’s a challenge”, they also said ” We don’t complain. Kids complain.” which was a great way to motivate the team when things got tough. The temperature was most challenging even though we did get to dunk ourselves into cold water as it was one of our obstacles.

In the end we are proud that the whole team got to finish this years 10k Tough Mudder which it only took the team 2 hours to complete. Congratulations to everyone that reached their fundraising target, they all enjoyed themselves.

A big thank you to Caridon Property & Chromalox for taking part and fundraising to support Legacy Youth Zone. Donations from corporate organisations are vital as we are a non-profit organisation giving young people somewhere safe and inspiring to go, to become a better version of themselves.

Overall, this was Legacy CEO, Barnabas Shelbourne final fundraising challenge, in which he had to raise £12,000 within 12 months. If you would like to support him, you can donate to his JustGiving page below.


I was amped and ready to go but later on, the heat got to me.

Shannon, Music & Production Lead