We hosted our first Art Exhibition showcasing 2D/3D art pieces from our Junior & Senior members

We hosted a two-day art exhibition on the 5th & 6th of May, an open event for the local community to see the fantastic work our Junior/Senior members create while at Legacy.

It all started with a team meeting, including Art Coordinator Michael & the art team, suggesting if they could put on an art gallery showcasing the fantastic talent that we have in the Croydon community. The team also mentioned ongoing projects they started but didn’t finish because we went into lockdown.
Once we announced that we would be hosting our first exhibition, some of our members were keen to bring in external pieces of work since they felt like they’d never for it to be part of an exhibition. We converted the Performing Arts Studio into a fantastic art gallery for two days, covering a Junior/Senior session.

Our members produced some amazing pieces for the exhibition; some examples are 3D Sculptures, Digital Art, acrylic pouring, acrylic painting, Collages, Pencil Sketches, Jewellery making, Pastel designs, and Comic storyboards.

We had a great turnout, and everyone enjoyed themselves. The former mayor of Croydon attended, which was appreciative.

Below you can find some pieces that were exhibited on the day and a short description from the creator.