Make Your Mark Competition

To celebrate the launch of our new website, and to also celebrate the amazing work that has happened at Legacy Youth Zone since we opened in September 2019, we’d like to hear from Members, Parents/Carers and Supporters on how you have or will Make Your Mark at Legacy.


Congratulations to Senior Member Milosz for winning our Make Your Mark Competition! Read his full entry below:

Recently, I’ve learned how to perfect my roller skating skills at Legacy during my time on Friday at the Roller Disco, but over all, what I learned to overcome at Legacy is my anxiety. My anxiety is something that I’ve had for some time and I feel like going to Legacy and interacting with people and the staff members has helped it lessen by a lot. My confidence in speaking to people has grown, as I’ve interacted with staff members over the last 2 years so much, staff members like Liberty, or Shannon or Dee. The staff members have helped me feel comfortable and safe during my entire time at Legacy, because when I first switched over to the senior sessions, I was pretty afraid because no one that I knew had went there and I was all alone, and with that, my anxiety was at its peak, but over time, I took more steps and the staff also helped me take more steps to becoming who I am today. They played games with me in the Rec room when no one would, and then when they had something to do, they asked other people if they could play with me, and so I made a couple of my first senior session friends through that. Going to the gym room has particularly helped me feel fit and healthy, and going to the music room, which I’ve been doing more recently, has too helped me make some new friends. I believe that Legacy has helped me discover myself more, and I’m very grateful for that. Although I’m not sure what my future holds for me, I know that I can keep my head up high and keep going with no worries. Thank you so much, to the staff workers and members at Legacy, for their support on my journey so far, as they helped me make my mark!

Milosz - Senior Club Member